Project Report, Week 5

1 07 2010

For the final revision I read over the suggestions that my classmates provided. Seela and I discussed them and decided which ones to implement and which we could do without. I made the changes as well as doing a final grammar and readability check. Seela added in the citations. All in all I’m pretty happy with our paper, I just wish there was more time to research our topic more thouroughly and get really in depth. Now I am moving on to my peer reviews and then I guess that’ll be that.


Project Report, Week 4

28 06 2010

Week 4 was quite busy. I did a lot of proof reading and editting corrections on our paper. I also flushed out a large portion of the Research Plan part of our project as well as the Results portion. The Recommendations part was given some minor revisions as well.  With only myself and Seela actively participating it took a lot of work to get things somewhat presentable. We still have a ways to go before the final product but I think we’re doing well.

Project Report, Week 3

21 06 2010

During week three we discussed what topics we wanted to do and the majority of us voted on writing a paper about longer vacations for Americans. For the proposal of this project it was my job to come up with the audience we were aiming for. Upon further review I realize that I should have been more specific, but I think we’ve got it all worked out now. We then moved on to creating a draft for the paper. My portion of this was to write up recommendations of what should be done.

Project Report, Week 2

13 06 2010

Our team members have made initial contact with each other and decided on a team name that I suggested. We also selected Husiela as our team coordinator.

Husiela drafted our team protocol memo and it was approved by all active members.

We are currently in the process of handing out parts for the week 3 assignments.

New Blackboard Impressions: I am indifferent to the changes. They don’t seem to make things harder or easier. The only issue is learning a new format which poses different challenges to different people.

Blog Created!

1 06 2010

I have now officially created my first blog.